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1 - Foreword

This utility allows you to expose the images of your collections on the Internet while providing the tools necessary for the management of the site. The images must be in a specific directory for each collection. The directory of a collection can be broken down into sub-directories to organize the images by categories (example: the directory of gastropods is made up of one sub-directory per family).

The top banner of the home page displays :

  • on the left: "hello Country / Region " of the visitor (you yourself are not counted as a visitor in the statistics)
  • in the center: the visits and visitors counter (which is also a link on the visit statistics)
  • on the right: a link to the site owner's email (if it is filled in)

The body of the home page displays :

  • a link to the English version of the site
  • a link for each page of a collection
  • the general presentation text of the site
  • any references

The lower banner of the home page displays :

  • the link on the webhoster
  • License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International)
  • logos attesting to the validity of the HTML and CSS code

This program works on "Linux" computers (preferably Ubuntu) and is available under a free license GNU GPL. Know that it can be installed in conjunction with a "Windows" PC. We then choose, at startup, on which system (Windows or Linux) we want to work.

2 - Using the program

warning: The program creates a copy of your images (your original files are never affected). It has undergone extensive testing in various configurations, however, it would be safer to make backups before its first use.

To launch the program, double-click on the icon launch icon

A menu of possible actions appears:

main menu

NB: at the first launch, you are asked to choose the background image of the home page (otherwise, it is the default image). It is possible to change this image later (action: " customize website / home backround ")

NB Prefer "tileable" images (this makes it possible to create a background whose seams are not visible). With the "Gimp" image editing program, use the "filters / map / make tileable" tool.

create/update website

Select the directory containing the collection to add or update and validate (you can only create / update one collection at a time). If, instead you click "just update website", this allows you to take in account any modification in the design (home page, logos, ...)
NB the creation or updating of a collection also causes the update of the content of the site

  • When the site is first created, give its title (the one that will appear in the search engine results)
  • When creating a new collection, the program asks if it is a collection of marine species (shells, sea urchins, etc.). In this case, we have additional but more restrictive functionalities.
select collection menu

demo for creating a marine organisms collection site and adding a page of vacation photos

warning at the first launch, if the website is not displayed, you must open your usual browser and make it the default browser.

display local site

this allows you to view the local version of the site with the default browser.

upload site on server (experimental)

Sends all or part of the local site to the server for publication on the web. This operation can be quite long, it is possible to upload only one collection (if there are several of them and only one has been modified) or even, no collection at all, just the core site (if you've modified only the home page or some logos, for example).
NB : selected "collections" are NOT uploaded

warning randomly, "lftp" provide corrupted files on the server ?! in that case, update manually the server using "Filezilla" (my favorite tool).

upload website menu

create site map

To create a site map (files "sitemap.xml" and "robots.txt") . This step is not compulsory but it improves the referencing of your site on the Internet. NB This will be the map of the online version of the site so before that, think about uploading the latest version of the site.

customize web site

You can change the background image of the home page ("home background") or customize each collection differently:

select a collection or home background
customizable parameters menu
  • frame color
  • pictures width
custom parameters
  • background color
  • mosaic width
  • number of columns for mosaics
  • number of rows for mosaics
custom parameters

remove collection

The list of the site's collections appears in a menu: select the collection to delete

remove collection menu

server host parameters

  • URL : Internet address of your site
  • website titles (FR & UK) : website titles (displayed by search engines)
  • webmaster mail : webmaster mail (optional)
  • FTP : credentials : user name and password to access webhoster server
  • FTP : server host name : webhoster server name
  • FTP : server root directory : server folder hosting the site
server parameters menu

display remote site

Display the remote site (provided it has been already uploaded)

3 - Installation

(Version : 06 October 2021)

that tool does not run on other systems than Linux

warningPay attention to the name of the directory when downloading below (Downloads). This name, by default, may vary depending on the language of the system. In addition, the user may be offered to choose another directory of his choice. Demo of installation

Click icon : download install.zip to download "install.zip"(select option "record" instead of "open with")

Then open a "Terminal" and type the commands below: :

installation commands

Finally, the "collection.desktop" icon appears on the desktop, it allows you to launch the application.

NB from ubuntu version 20.04, select "allow launching" in the contextual menu to get a launchable launcher

NB with older version, on the first launch, a warning message may appear: click on "trust and launch".
The icon then changes to the image : launch icon
With Debian and CentOS 8 distributions, the application launcher does not appear on the desktop ☹
You must therefore type the command ~/autobuild/bash/all.sh in a terminal.

This tool has been validated with 4 Linux distribution families: :

This website is based on the W3.CSS framework ((w3schools)) and has been validated by :

To customize the home page which contains, by default, an extract from the false Lorem Ipsum text, you must modify the autobuild/model_html/index_inc.php file (simply type your text by inserting the <br/> tag for line breaks; a more sophisticated layout requires notions of the "html" markup language and the "css" style sheets which are outside the scope of this tool.

Then restart the tool and click on "create / update site" then "just update website" (no collection selection).

4 - Open source

4.1 - Citizen stakes

free software comes from a development mode based on knowledge sharing and knowledge exchange. they are a greater good available and reusable by all.

The fundamental freedoms of open source : the freedom to use, copy, study and modify softwares and to redistribute the modified versions is at the core of the open source.

George Bernard Shaw, (Nobel Prize in Literature 1925) : "If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas".

Richard Stallman (GNU project founder) : "proprietary software has become one of the important tools that is used to maintain control over people. those companies make software that tracks people. They make products that they want you to put in your home which communicates constantly with the company's server and they have often a back door through which they can remotely change the software/sabotage the users. If you're wise you'll destroy any of them which you find in your home".

Open source federates a global community which participates voluntarily in the development and support of free software.

Up to 80% of companies in the world use free software (but, generally, their final product is not at all "open source")

Example of popular free software :

4.2 - GNU/Linux

Thanks to that open source operating system, "Google™ and Apple™" build their own proprietary system ("Android™ and MacOS X™) based on GNU/Linux.

Unlike "Windows™" which runs only on "Intel™ and AMD™" processors (plus Qualcomm™ for smartphones), "GNU/Linux" runs on almost every kind of processors :

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