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Architectonicidae 1 species (7 shells in total)

Phylum      : Mollusca
 Class       : Gastropoda 
  Subclass    : Heterobranchia 
   Infraclass  : "LowerHeterobranchia" 
    Superfamily : Architectonicoidea 
     Family      : Architectonicidae 

Common name : sundial shells

Aspect : the shell resembles a spiral staircase, conoid, flattened with spiral sculpture. Flat base. Broad and deep umbilicus narrowing inward, often with a thick lateral bead, the apex can be seen through the umbilicus. Horny operculum

Feeding : sea anemones, algae and polyps of rocky corals

Environment : coral reefs, tropical seas sometimes in deep waters

Architectonica perspectiva (Linnaeus, 1758)

Architectonica perspectiva
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