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The Spondylidae Family includes 71 species comprising only one genus (Spondylus)

Phylum      : Mollusca
 Class       : Bivalvia 
  Subclass    : Pteriomorphia 
   Order       : Pectinida 
    Superfamily : Pectinoidea 
     Family      : Spondylidae 

Common name : red thorny oyster

Aspect : robust shell, rounded and rather elongated in height. The lower valve is cemented to the substrate and therefore more convex than the left valve. The colored outer surface is covered with thorns or scales with irregular ribs. Straight hinge forming two small ears at the top of the valves. Robust joint with two strong curved teeth and two deep and symmetrical cavities on each valve.

Feeding : filtration of microorganisms in suspension

Environment : shallow waters, coral areas

Spondylus spinosus Schreibers, 1793

Spondylus spinosus

Total collection for Spondylidae : 1 species (4 shells in total)

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