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Dendrophylliidae 1 species (2 shells in total)

Phylum   : Cnidaria
 Class    : Anthozoa 
  Subclass : Hexacorallia 
   Order    : Scleractinia 
    Family   : Dendrophylliidae 

Common name : black tube coral, black sun coral, black cup coral

Aspect : dark color, with cavities on the polyps reminiscent of the appearance of the octopus tentacles

Feeding : zooplankton, in symbiosis with the alga zooxanthellae which produces by photosynthesis the glucol, glycerol and the amino acids necessary for the development of the coral

Environment : warm, shallow water

Tubastraea micranthus (Ehrenberg, 1834)

Tubastraea micranthus
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